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Dog clothes are much more than just a fashion accessory.

It has a considerable added health value, prevents diseases and alleviates complaints in sick dogs.

Short-haired breeds, animal welfare dogs from warmer climes, but also some long-haired breeds and mixed breeds do not have a warming undercoat. They cool down quickly in rain and cold because they literally get wet down to the skin.

In the city we keep the dogs on a leash. There are waiting times at traffic lights or when shopping. Your dog will have fewer opportunities to properly warm up and raise its body temperature. He begins to freeze, shiver and tremble. But active dogs are also grateful for a dog coat. You lose a lot of heat quickly after romping around and are therefore more susceptible to injuries and illnesses.

Small dogs are also at a disadvantage in bad weather. With their short legs, they are even more exposed to the cold due to their proximity to the ground. The sensitive abdominal region with the vital organs cools down faster.

Warming support is particularly important for older or sick dogs. Due to osteoarthritis, hip dysplasia or other joint problems, they move more slowly and also less.

8Poten Hundeshop

Wetness and cold increase the sensation of pain and can lead to further tension in muscles or injuries to tendons or ligaments. A well-fitting dog sweater or coat keeps the elderly or patient warm and dry. Save your four-legged friend the trembling walks with drawn in tail and triple steps in the cold season. With the right clothing, you have a happy, warmly wrapped dog by your side who wants to discover the world with you.

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