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Pullover Alpaka 8Pfoten


In autumn & winter, a sleek dog sweater can be used instead of a dog coat. Our handmade alpaca sweaters are made of cuddly, Peruvian alpaca wool and sit like a second skin on the dog - nothing pinches or rubs uncomfortably.

The hand-knitted alpaca sweater was designed with a lot of love for dogs and is made of 100% fine alpaca wool. The thermal properties ensure extreme comfort and enable the perfect body temperature.

Alpaca wool is a luxury fiber that is durable, soft and dirt-repellent.

It is also ideal for indoors when the dog has to lie on a cooler surface or has osteoarthritis or other back problems that make it necessary to keep it warm. However, a dog sweater is only suitable for dry, cold days. In case of rain or snowfall, a raincoat or a lined winter jacket for dogs is recommended as protection.

Pullover Alpaka
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