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"The dog is the only living being on earth that loves you more than itself."
Josh Billings

The team behind the 8Pfoten Shop.
We are the Messer family.
Rebecca, Philipp, Vegas, Ivy & our youngest family member, Chance.

Our dogs are our passion and we always enjoy being able to experience them with each other on a daily basis and to be part of this wonderful pack.

Since our Rhodesian Ridgebacks do not have a protective undercoat and are also quite afraid of water when this comes from above, we were always looking for dog clothes that not only meet our requirements in terms of functionality, but also in terms of style and quality.

This gave rise to the idea of the 8Pfoten Shop.

So we decided to provide dog owners with professional advice and support with our range.

We look forward to you! - Hundeonlineshop
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