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Sustainability through durable materials

A Cloud7 dog bed is designed to last at least a dog's life. While inferior dog pillows have to be bought again and again, the Cloud7 basket is an investment at the beginning. Thanks to robust properties and innovative designs, our beds hardly wear out, even with intensive use. We strive to only use environmentally friendly materials whenever possible, including organic cotton, hemp-cotton mix, vegetable-tanned leather and canvas. This is how the oldest and most natural materials known to mankind are used. The longevity of the Cloud7 products is also evident in all dog coats. While conventional dog coats are often made of inferior materials and therefore have to be replaced with a new one year after year, dog coats from Cloud7 are made in such a way that neither frequent washing nor regular wear detracts from their quality. Experience has shown that tear-resistant outdoor fabrics show the first signs of wear and tear at the earliest after several years.


If polyester, then gladly recycled

All fabrics used at Cloud7 have been awarded seals to confirm sustainability: The Ökotex standard is the absolute minimum at Cloud7. Kba-certified fabrics or GOTS-certified materials are just examples, to name a few of the seals to which the fabrics are subject. Nevertheless, there are products in the range made from materials with a plastic content, especially if the item needs a special function - for example waterproof properties. The colors of natural materials can also fade more easily and be less scratch-resistant than fabrics with a polyester content. Polyester can also extend the lifespan of a product by making it more robust, softer and easier to care for. The plastic ensures that the material dries faster after washing and is soon ready for use again. Since synthetic fibers such as polyester are usually not made from renewable raw materials, we have decided to use recycled polyester whenever possible. For this purpose, cleaned and then melted plastic bottles are spun into yarn or processed as a type of padding into so-called eco down for our Alaska dog coats. This material is durable, very easy to care for and saves a lot of energy thanks to existing resources, which are breathed new life through this sustainable process.

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